Social Work and Community Care volunteer programs in Lima:

Building Projects

Collaborate with local people and work in building and maintenance projects like painting and minor repairs at the school, or fixing fences at the community center. Build and repair using local and traditional materials. For example, repair roofs using adobe bricks, and learn how to make clay bricks from scratch! Come with your group of friends and help children who live on the outskirts of Lima by improving the conditions of their classrooms.

How will I contribute?

  • You will work with local community members to paint and decorate a classroom of a public school located on the outskirts of Lima city
  • You will replace broken windows and paint the playground of a State Day Care Center
  • To build with the cooperation of the community a classroom made of drywall
  • To furnish the classroom under the instruction of a local mason
  • To paint and improve the playground of an elementary public school

Community Care:

Give voice to your heart through your living and volunteering work. Bring your heart and your sense of humor to your volunteer service, along with your enthusiastic spirit, which in itself is a priceless gift. What you’ll get back will be immeasurable! The goal is to give support combined with action, to promote the development of a model society based on solidarity, justice, respect and understanding.

How will I contribute?

  • Stimulating and encouraging children and toddler development through educational games
  • Developing the skills to respond to the children’s needs
  • Playing games that allow their socialization and language skills to progress
  • Enjoying organized arts and crafts activities
  • Sharing your special talents in music or other creative arts
  • Organizing outdoor activities
  • Volunteers mainly help provide educational opportunities and boundless love for the children
  • Depending on their skills and interests, volunteers can teach the children music, dance ,cooking or handicraft,  conservation of their environment, health, hygiene and  very basic English classes
  • Act as a mentor and generally just spend quality time with the children
  • Helping  out as a class assistant
  • Helping out with homework
  • Participating in all activities such as playing games and talking to the children
  • Developing educational material