If you want to know if you could handle the kind of medical situations a person is put through in this type of experience, well…not only you will be able to handle it, but you will also be happy to have chosen a career that can save lives! You will be enriched with an opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture and a different health care system in a responsible way. As a “Rewarding Volunteer” you will experience the rich culture and history of Cusco while learning and working at a Rural First Aid Station.

How will I contribute?

  •  Assisting doctors with primary health care in a rural First Aid Station.
  • Observing procedures and appointments and helping when possible. (stitching wounds, assisting the obstetrician with deliveries, etc)
  • Helping the nurses by participating in the different vaccination campaigns (measles, chicken pox, etc.) for the children of rural communities, when available.
  • Exploring the rural health system through its First Aid Stations, and helping rural communities who suffer from high levels of infectious diseases and systemic illness.
  • Contributing to prenatal care to help reduce the high infant mortality rates.
  • Promoting and supporting health and hygiene campaigns within the community.