If you love the beauty of misty mornings outlined by hazy sunshine, the smell of dew and new beginnings and you have the requisite stamina, can handle the rigors of all kinds of climate and terrain, and are concerned about the earth’s rapidly diminishing natural resources, then this conservation program in Cusco is ideal for you! Cusco owes most of its beauty and charm to its gorgeous natural setting.

As a “Rewarding Volunteer” you will live an amazing experience in a mystical place while working in this program. You will have the opportunity to help preserve the “Inca Trail” while the first rays of dawn glisten of the magnificent Machu Picchu ruins in the mysterious land of the ancient Incas.

How will I contribute?

  • Developing projects of investigation and inquiry info biodiversity and natural resources, in protected areas.
  • Promoting environmental awareness.
  • Enforcing outdoor safety codes and ensuring the compliance of hikers.
  • Ensuring the accuracy of registration forms at the park office as they become necessary in case of search and rescue missions.
  • Cooperating in first aid and rescue operations.
  • Doing the daily activities related with visitors, answering questions, providing guided tours, rescuing park users who might have strayed too far, enforcing laws, and directing traffic.
  • Sometimes you may be called upon to work as conservationists, ecologists, environmentalists, and even botanist.