Volunteer in Cusco! Be part of a team whose efforts can lead to a sustainable improvement in the educational standards of Peruvian children! Make a difference in the lives of the most underprivileged children of Peru while immersing yourself in its rich culture. You may finish your day absolutely exhausted but you will really enjoy this experience. It is not necessary to have formal training as a teacher as you will be working hand in hand with local teachers, but you should be: enthusiastic, love to work with kids and toddlers, be able to work under basic conditions and have lots of patience.

How will I contribute?

  • Assisting the principal teacher with the education of children from 3 to 11 years old in the rural communities of Cusco.
  • Providing educational sessions on hygiene, nutrition, pregnancy, etc.
  • Teaching indigenous children art sessions like glueing dried peas, beans and sweet corn onto cardboard in shapes of animals like: llamas, alpacas, etc
  • Reading fairy tales to kids that have never had the privilege of education or even someone giving them a bit of love.
  • Assisting the kids who need educational reinforcement.
  • Are you keen on any sport like volleyball, soccer, etc? Share your knowledge in a soccer game at 3,550 meters above sea level!