Building Project

This project works in one of the poorest areas of the Peruvian Andes to rebuild classrooms and schools to some of the most disadvantaged families. This is without a doubt one of our most rewarding volunteer projects. As a volunteer is Peru not only do you help change peoples lives forever you see in a relatively short time the huge positive impact that your work has on the families and communities you are working alongside.

Many Peruvians families live in poor quality makeshift homes that are built of nothing more than cardboard with dirt floors. The use of makeshift building materials and poor construction resulting from a lack of resources leaves families extremely vulnerable to the harsh weather conditions during the winter season.

Poor quality, dilapidated housing fuels health problems, and destroys family unity and hope. Working with this project gives you the opportunity to help directly with some of the world’s poorest families to build or rebuild classrooms and the walls of a school making them strong, safe, culturally appropriate, and affordable to maintain.