Do I have a choice of programs?

Yes, to a degree. Click on Volunteer programs to find what you are interested and contact us if you are looking for something in particular.

How to apply and sign up to volunteer with Rewarding Volunteer?

Before you sign-up with us:

What is the age limit to participate in Rewarding Volunteer?

The rewarding volunteer program is open to people from 21 years old and up.

Where do these Rewarding Volunteer projects take place?

Towns, villages, cities of the 3 Peruvian Regions (Coast, Andes and Jungle). Go to Volunteer Programs.

Do I need to have specific skills to take part in a RV project?

The selection of volunteers should not be made according to the skills of the volunteer. Nevertheless, a certain sensitivity or ability are necessary to participate in
our projects.

How do you select participants?

We select participants based on information provided on the application form. RV is an equal opportunities organization.

What else do you ask of me?

Above all, enthusiasm, commitment, an open mind and also sense of humor!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Actually, we encourage you to come with someone else with whom you will share this amazing experience.

What happens after I am accepted as a participant?

Within 10 working days of receiving a confirmation letter, a member of RV team will be in contact with you and will send you a “ volunteering kit” with useful information about the country, Peruvian Handbook, a Rewarding Volunteer patch, etc. Regular communication will be maintained to ensure all future participants are kept well informed of the planning process.

Can I speak to past participants?

Yes. We can send a list of e mail addresses of previous participants in Rewarding Volunteer programs undertaken in Peru. We also invite you to check our testimonies page.

Do I need a Visa (entry permit) to Peru?

All visitors to Peru are issued automatically with 90 day tourist visas at immigration on entering Peru. Tourist visas can be extended in any major city for up to 60 days
if required.

Who can help me with visa issues?

Your Rewarding Volunteer country coordinator will provide you with useful information on visa issues.

Who is responsible for travel arrangements?

Each volunteer will be responsible for organizing their own international flight to Lima (Peru). Once in the country, your National Coordinator will be in charge of you
from that point.

Do I need to know Spanish?

The selection of volunteers should not be made according to language skills. Linguistic support is provided during the RV in order to ensure the volunteers’ integration.

Is the Spanish course mandatory?

It is an integral part of any RV project. Linguistic support should be appropriate to the volunteer needs and level, but the type of linguistic support may vary from formal language classes to more informal learning methods.

What insurance cover is provided?

Each individual confirmed participant will be responsible for organizing their own medical and travel insurance prior to travel.

Do I need any immunizations?

It depends where are you going to work. If you decide to go to the Jungle, then you will need yellow fever and malaria vaccination.