How will I benefit from this experience with Rewarding Volunteer?

Our participants will be part of a meaningful cross cultural experience that will expand your world vision while contributing with the improvement of the most needed people.

Do I need to have specific skills to take part in a RV project?

The selection of volunteers should not be made according to the skills of the volunteer. Nevertheless, a certain sensitivity or ability are necessary to participate in
our projects.

Is there any written agreement between me and the organization?

Yes. All participants must sign a letter of agreement and Terms and conditions for volunteers.

How do you select participants?

We select participants based on information provided on the application form. RV is an equal opportunities organization.

What else do you ask of me?

Above all, enthusiasm, commitment, an open mind and also sense of humor!

How to apply and sign up to volunteer with Rewarding Volunteer?

Before you sign-up with us: