We are a small, experienced, private, local non profit organization dedicated to improving rural communities in Peru through the help of international volunteers. Rewarding Volunteer accepts all people, regardless of age, sex, culture, race or religion, willing to donate their time and knowledge to work alongside us and help the indigenous and rural populations of our country: Peru, land of the Incas! We offer you the opportunity to participate in projects focused on improving education, medicine and natural conservation within each of these communities. It is an opportunity to bring a smile to these far away cultures and share a common dream.

Volunteer! Join us in an experience that will change your life. Leave a mark on this world and help us build a better world together!

Ana C. Fuentes-Nacarino, Co-Founder/On-site Volunteer Manager Lima, Peru
Peruvian citizen. Photographer, Industrial Engineer, has worked in foreign companies, with experience in Social Communication. She has been working for more than 12 years in developing exportable products to support rural communities in Peru.

Lorena Anderson – Founder/Program Enrollment coordinator, USA Peruvian resident of St. Paul, Minnesota. Business Administrator with a graduate certificate in Management of Non Profit Organizations from the University of Saint Thomas, Minnesota. With more than fifteen years of experience working in the non profit sector, Lorena is a firm believer of social justice and equal opportunities for everybody.

Our Mission:

Our purpose is to engage with communities of need in Peru to alleviate conditions of poverty and create new opportunity through community-led social and economic projects.

To achieve this goal, we envision partnerships between the wisdom and knowledge of community leaders and the creativity and technical expertise of the international community and volunteers.

We believe that sustainable social and economic development needs to first, respect the cultural legacy of the community and begins with basic needs being met.

We see ourselves as fostering a bridge across borders, to assist communities to reach their potential and to create a world of justice and equal opportunity.

What We Offer:

  • A meaningful experience that will expand your view of the world
  • The opportunity to make a difference by working closely with communities in need while sharing and exchanging cultural perspectives.
  • The chance to use your talents to educate, provide primary health care and preserve the environment.